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How we work


First date

Before signing a partnership agreement, several personalized meetings take place to properly explore your needs, possible approaches and solutions that would best fit your company. This phase might include workshops outlining the development process and laying some of the guidelines for how we’ll be working together.

Project scope

How big or small is your project? Do you want to start small with an ideation or pilot project? Perhaps you already have an MVP and are looking to scale? These questions are important to answer at the start of a development lifecycle to make sure your project gets off on the right footing.


Next we need to match the type of cooperation we’ll be undertaking with the model that suits you best. Perhaps staff augmentation is sufficient as you have a big project and need to bolster your numbers? Would you like to “pay-as-you-go” with a T&M contract or do you know how much you can spend, so a fixed price contract is the way to go? Maybe you’re post-project and need long-term SLA-based managed services support?

Methodology of work

Software delivery is one of the most complicated endeavours out there and traditional, predictive, waterfall-based methodologies often fail to deliver a successful solution. That’s why we opt for building software applying using Agile and DevOps principles by utilizing various special frameworks for digital business projects. The best software is built when client and developers collaborate together to produce something neither of them could have alone.


All our projects are protected by a restrictive policy in terms of security, confidentiality, and access level that’s tailored to your needs and requirements.


Nothing matters more than delivering results in the form of valued-added software solutions. Once the project has been delivered, we can continuing working together to increase the value you gain through KPI analyses and long-term SLA services.